No Association between CALHM1 and Alzheimer's Disease Risk

  title={No Association between CALHM1 and Alzheimer's Disease Risk},
  author={Lars Bertram and Brit-Maren Michaud Schjeide and Basavaraj Hooli and Kristina Mullin and Mikko Hiltunen and Hilkka Soininen and Martin Ingelsson and Lars Lannfelt and Deborah Blacker and Rudolph E. Tanzi},
In a recent paper in Cell, Dreses-Wer-ringloer et al. (2008) reported the identification and functional characterization of a new Alzheimer's disease (AD) gene, CALHM1, encoding calcium homeostasis modulator 1. CALHM1 (formerly annotated as FAM26C) represents a compelling candidate gene for late-onset AD as it is located on chromosome 10q24, a consistently replicated AD linkage region (Bertram et al., 2007), is highly expressed in the hippocampus, which is severely affected by AD-related… CONTINUE READING