Nk372135s, Novel Antifungal Agents


In the course of screening program for antifungal agents, novel three congenial compounds were isolated from the cultured broth of fungus, Neosartoria fischeri var. glabra IFO9857. The congeners had a basal structure, which was di-hydrogenated form of xanthocillin1} group and showed strong growth inhibition activity against Candida albicans in vitro. In this paper we report the isolation, structural elucidation and preliminary biological activity of the compounds, named NK372135A, B and C. The antifungal activity was monitored by usual agar plate method with Candida albicans TIMMO144 provided by Research Center for Mycology , Teikyo Univ. The compounds were produced by rotary shaking culture of the strain in the medium containing glucose 2%, lactose 1%, sucrose 1%, glycerol 1%, Prorich (Ajinomoto Co. Ltd.) 2%, peptone 0.8%, NaNO3 0.2% and MgSO4 0.1%. The maximumproductivity was attained on 5 days cultivation at 27°C. Mycelia were collected from 20 liters cultured broth by filtration, suspended in 10 liters of MeOHand removed by filtration. The resultant filtrate was applied on carbon column (0.5 liter) and elution was done with Me2CO after washing with MeOH. The active eluate was evaporated to dryness under reduced pressure to give a brownish residue (5g). This residue was applied on silica gel column and developed with the mixture ofCHC13-MeOH (100: 1, 100:2 and 2: 1, stepwisely). By this chromatography three active fractions were obtained and a putative compound in each fraction was named NK372135A, B and C in the order of the eluation. After evaporation of each fraction, the residue was subjected to Sephadex LH-20 column, developed with MeOH. The NK372135A, B and C thus obtained were

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