Niveles de estrés-recuperación en deportistas varones de la provincia de León a través del cuestionario RESTQ-76

  title={Niveles de estr{\'e}s-recuperaci{\'o}n en deportistas varones de la provincia de Le{\'o}n a trav{\'e}s del cuestionario RESTQ-76},
  author={Eduardo Valcarce Merayo},
The purpose of this study was to determinate levels of stress and recovery in athletes, both general and specific sports. The sample consisted of 46 subjects male athletes, (26 tem sport athlete, and 20 individual sport athlete). Aged between 14-48 years (M=24, 35 SD= 0, 72) all from the Leon´s province. We administered the Spanish version of the Q-76 REST Gonzalez- Boto (2007). Significant differences were observed between sports specific stress scale (EEED)- type of sport, where individual… CONTINUE READING