Nitrous oxide production in soil isolates of nitrate-ammonifying bacteria.

  title={Nitrous oxide production in soil isolates of nitrate-ammonifying bacteria.},
  author={Marta A. Streminska and Heather Felgate and Gary Rowley and D. J. Richardson and Elizabeth M. Baggs},
  journal={Environmental microbiology reports},
  volume={4 1},
Here we provide the first demonstration of the potential for N2 O production by soil-isolated nitrate-ammonifying bacteria under different C and N availabilities, building on characterizations informed from model strains. The potential for soil-isolated Bacillus sp. and Citrobacter sp. to reduce NO3 (-) , and produce NH4 (+) , NO2 (-) and N2 O was examined in batch and continuous (chemostat) cultures under different C-to-NO3 (-) ratios, NO3 (-) -limiting (5 mM) and NO3 (-) -sufficient (22 mM… CONTINUE READING

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