Nitrosyliron(III) hemoglobin: autoreduction and spectroscopy.

  title={Nitrosyliron(III) hemoglobin: autoreduction and spectroscopy.},
  author={Anthony W Addison and J J Stephanos},
  volume={25 14},
Nitrosyl complexes of the iron(III) forms of myoglobin, human hemoglobin, Glycera dibranchiata hemoglobins (Hbm and Hbh), and model iron(II) and iron(III) synthetic porphyrins including octaethylporphyrin (OEP) have been prepared. The iron(III) heme proteins are electron spin (paramagnetic) resonance (ESR) silent, while hexacoordinate solution structures are indicated for [Fe(OEP)(NO)2]ClO4 and for Hbm(II)NO, which has an ESR spectrum similar to that of Mb(II)NO and the hexacoordinate iron(II… CONTINUE READING