Nitrogen economy in relay intercropping systems of wheat and cotton

  title={Nitrogen economy in relay intercropping systems of wheat and cotton},
  author={Li Zhang and J. H. J. Spiertz and Shubin Zhang and Bao-guo Li and Wopke van der Werf},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
Relay intercropping of wheat and cotton is practiced on a large scale in China. Winter wheat is thereby grown as a food crop from November to June and cotton as a cash crop from April to October. The crops overlap in time, growing as an intercrop, from April till June. High levels of nitrogen are applied. In this study, we analyzed the N-economy of the monocultures of cotton and wheat, and of four relay intercropping systems, differing in number of rows per strip of cotton or wheat. Field… CONTINUE READING
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