Nitrogen Loss from Soils and Oxide Surfaces

  title={Nitrogen Loss from Soils and Oxide Surfaces},
  author={Nil Ratan Dhar and Nalini Pant},
IT has been reported1 that when a virgin soil is brought under cultivation, the percentage of total nitrogen usually falls off with time up to a limiting value. A loss of nitrogen from soils on the addition of nitrogenous compounds, especially when the conditions are favourable for oxidation, has also been observed by different investigators; but this phenomenon has been explained satisfactorily by Dhar and collaborators2, who have postulated that this type of nitrogen loss in soils is chiefly… 

Non-biological Reduction of Nitrite in Soil

It is shown here that NO, N2 and N2O are products of non-biological nitrite decomposition in soil.

Exposure to Light Elicits a Spectrum of Chemical Changes in Soil

The significance of photochemically active solar radiation is well substantiated in Earth's air and water environments, but no broad connection has yet been ascertained between sunlight and the

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Ammonia and its derived products are vital to modern societies. Artificial nitrogen fixation to ammonia via the Haber–Bosch process has been employed industrially for over 100 years. However, the

Photon-Driven Nitrogen Fixation: Current Progress, Thermodynamic Considerations, and Future Outlook

Over the last century, the industrialization of agriculture and the consumption of fossil fuels have resulted in a significant imbalance and redistribution in nitrogen-containing resources. This has

A survey of photogeochemistry

A compilation of known reactions shows the extent of light-driven interactions between naturally occurring components of land, air, and water, and provides the backdrop for an outline of the mechanisms of these phenomena.

Atmosphärischer Stickstoff als Aufrechterhalter des Lebens auf der Erde

Der wesentlichste Anteil des fur das Pflanzenwachstum der Erde notwendigen Stickstoffes wird biologisch durch Mikroorganismen gebunden. Nur wenige Prozente gebundenen Stickstoffes werden auf anderem



Soil Conditions and Plant Growth.

Denitrification in Sunlight

THE ordinary denitrification taking place in the absence of oxygen and in presence of an easily oxidisable organic substance and a nitrate effected by many micro-organisms, is well known. There is