Nitrogen (N) management in the ‘De Marke’ dairy farming system

  title={Nitrogen (N) management in the ‘De Marke’ dairy farming system},
  author={H Frans M Aarts and B. Habekott{\'e} and Herman Van Keulen},
  journal={Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems},
In the sandy regions of The Netherlands, high losses of N from intensified dairy farms are threatening the environment. Therefore, government defined decreasing maximum levy-free N surplusses for the period 1998–2008. On most dairy farms, the current N surplus has to be reduced by half at least. Farmers fear that realizing these surplusses will be expensive, because it limits application of animal manure, which then has to be exported or additional land has to be bought. Moreover, farmers are… CONTINUE READING