• Materials Science
  • Published 2012

Nitrocellulose transparent primer and application thereof

  title={Nitrocellulose transparent primer and application thereof},
The invention discloses a nitrocellulose transparent primer and an application thereof. The primer is prepared by mixing main lacquers and diluents based on a mass ratio of 1: (0.4-0.6), the main lacquers are obtained by evenly mixing 21.0-25.0% of alkyd resins, 6.0-8.0% of inflexible resins, 0.2% of dispersing agents, 45.0-50.0% of nitrocotton liquids, 3.0-5.0% of plasticizers, 8.0-10.0% of extender pigments, 4.0-6.0% of grinding aids, 0.5% of anti-setting agents, 0.2% of defoaming agents, 0.1… CONTINUE READING