Nitro-Aromatic Explosive Sensing Using GaN Nanowire-Titania Nanocluster Hybrids

  title={Nitro-Aromatic Explosive Sensing Using GaN Nanowire-Titania Nanocluster Hybrids},
  author={Geetha Aluri and Abhishek Motayed and A. V. Davydov and Vladimir P Oleshko and K. A. Bertness and M. Venkateswer Rao},
  journal={IEEE Sensors Journal},
Globalization of terrorist attacks in recent years calls for advanced technologies to detect the concealed explosives effectively. We demonstrate a highly sensitive and selective detection of traces of nitro-aromatic explosive compounds by functionalizing gallium nitride (GaN) nanowires with titania (TiO2) nanoclusters to address this issue. The ultraviolet light photo-modulated GaN/TiO2 nanowire-nanocluster (NWNC) hybrids show remarkable selectivity to benzene and related aromatic compounds… CONTINUE READING


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