Nitrile-rich coordination polymer (1)(∞){[Fe(CH(3)CN)(4)(pyrazine)](ClO(4))(2)} exhibiting a HS ⇆ LS transition.


In a 1D network of (1)(∞){[Fe(CH(3)CN)(4)(pyrazine)](ClO(4))(2)}, the presence of four neutral nitrile molecules besides the pyrazine donors in the first coordination sphere of iron(II) allows one to achieve a ligand field strength appropriate for the "spin-crossover" occurrence.

DOI: 10.1021/ic102040y

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@article{Biaoska2010NitrilerichCP, title={Nitrile-rich coordination polymer (1)(∞)\{[Fe(CH(3)CN)(4)(pyrazine)](ClO(4))(2)\} exhibiting a HS ⇆ LS transition.}, author={Agata Białońska and Robert Bronisz and Kamilla Darowska and Krzysztof Drabent and Joachim Kusz and Miłosz Siczek and Marek Weselski and Maciej Zubko and Andrew Ozarowski}, journal={Inorganic chemistry}, year={2010}, volume={49 24}, pages={11267-9} }