Nitrifying genera in activated sludge may influence nitrification rates.

  title={Nitrifying genera in activated sludge may influence nitrification rates.},
  author={Magdalena A Dytczak and Kathleen L. Londry and Jan A. Oleszkiewicz},
  journal={Water environment research : a research publication of the Water Environment Federation},
  volume={80 5},
Sequencing batch reactors were acclimated under aerobic and alternating anoxic/aerobic conditions. Greater nitrification rates in the alternating reactor were investigated by comparing environmental conditions. In the alternating reactor, pH, alkalinity, oxygen, and nitrite were higher at the onset of aerobic nitrification. Kinetic studies and batch tests, with biomass developed under aerobic and alternating conditions, revealed that these factors were insufficient to explain the divergent… CONTINUE READING