Nitrification-denitrification via nitrite accumulation for nitrogen removal from wastewaters.

  title={Nitrification-denitrification via nitrite accumulation for nitrogen removal from wastewaters.},
  author={Grace Ruiz and D Jeison and Olga Rubilar and Gustavo Ciudad and Rolando Chamy},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={97 2},
The biological nitrification-denitrification process is used extensively for removal of ammonia nitrogen from wastewaters. Saves in aeration, organic matter (for denitrification) and surplus sludge are achievable if nitrite accumulation is possible in the nitrification step. In this paper, operational parameters were studied for each process for maximum nitrite accumulation in the nitrification step and nitrite adaptation in the denitrification step. Nitrite accumulation during nitrification… CONTINUE READING

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