Nitric oxide-induced interstrand cross-links in DNA.

  title={Nitric oxide-induced interstrand cross-links in DNA.},
  author={Jennifer L Caulfield and John S. Wishnok and Steven R Tannenbaum},
  journal={Chemical research in toxicology},
  volume={16 5},
The DNA damaging effects of nitrous acid have been extensively studied, and the formation of interstrand cross-links have been observed. The potential for this cross-linking to occur through a common nitrosating intermediate derived from nitric oxide is investigated here. Using a HPLC laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) system, the amount of interstrand cross-link formed on nitric oxide treatment of the 5'-fluorescein-labeled oligomer ATATCGATCGATAT was determined. This self-complimentary sequence… CONTINUE READING

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