Nitric oxide enhances endothelin production in pancreas transplantation.

  title={Nitric oxide enhances endothelin production in pancreas transplantation.},
  author={Carmen Peralta and Georgina Hotter and Daniel Closa and Felip P{\'i} and Francisco Badosa and Emilio Gelp{\'i} and Joan Rosell{\'o}-Catafau},
  volume={14 4},
The role of endothelin and its relationship with nitric oxide (NO) production in ischemia-reperfusion associated with pancreas transplantation has been explored. For this purpose, pancreatic levels of endothelin were evaluated in an experimental model of pancreas transplantation after different periods of cold preservation. The effects of NO synthase inhibition were also evaluated. Results show posttransplantation increases in lipase and endothelin production. The release of lipase and… CONTINUE READING