Nitric oxide causes apparent release of zinc from presynaptic boutons.

  title={Nitric oxide causes apparent release of zinc from presynaptic boutons.},
  author={Christopher J. Frederickson and Math P Cuajungco and Christopher J Labuda and Sang Won Suh},
  volume={115 2},
One of us showed previously [Cuajungco and Lees (1998) Brain Res. 799, 188-129] that nitric oxide injected into the cerebrum in vivo causes zinc staining to appear in the somata of neurons and suggested that this staining of somata might be accompanied by a depletion (release) of zinc from axon terminals. In the present study, we confirm earlier results and report that there is a dramatic loss (apparent release) of histologically reactive zinc from the boutons of zinc-containing axons induced… CONTINUE READING

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