Nitric oxide and the vascular endothelium.

  title={Nitric oxide and the vascular endothelium.},
  author={Salvador Moncada and Ernest Higgs},
  journal={Handbook of experimental pharmacology},
  volume={176 Pt 1},
The vascular endothelium synthesises the vasodilator and anti-aggregatory mediator nitric oxide (NO) from L-arginine. This action is catalysed by the action of NO synthases, of which two forms are present in the endothelium. Endothelial (e)NOS is highly regulated, constitutively active and generates NO in response to shear stress and other physiological stimuli. Inducible (i)NOS is expressed in response to immunological stimuli, is transcriptionally regulated and, once activated, generates… CONTINUE READING
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