Nitric oxide: the "second messenger" of insulin.

  title={Nitric oxide: the "second messenger" of insulin.},
  author={Nighat N. Kahn and Krishnendu Acharya and Sunita Bhattacharya and Rupa Acharya and Sahana Mazumder and William A. Bauman and Asru Kumar Sinha},
  journal={IUBMB life},
  volume={49 5},
Incubation of various tissues, including heart, liver, kidney, muscle, and intestine from mice and erythrocytes or their membrane fractions from humans, with physiologic concentration of insulin resulted in the activation of a membrane-bound nitric oxide synthase (NOS). Activation of NOS and synthesis of NO were stimulated by the binding of insulin to specific receptors on the cell surface. A Lineweaver-Burk plot of the enzymatic activity demonstrated that the stimulation of NOS by insulin was… CONTINUE READING
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