Nitrate removal in stream ecosystems measured by 15 N addition experiments : Denitrification

  title={Nitrate removal in stream ecosystems measured by 15 N addition experiments : Denitrification},
  author={Patrick J. Mulholland and Robert O Hall and Daniel J. Sobota and Walter Kennedy Dodds and G. StuartE. and Findlay and Nancy B Grimm and Stephen K Hamilton and W. H. McDowell and Jonathan M. O’Brien and Jennifer Leah Tank and Linda R. Ashkenas and Lee W. Cooper and Clifford N. Dahm and Stanley V. Gregory and Sherri L Johnson and Judy L. Meyer and Bruce J. Peterson and Geoffrey C. Poole and H. Maurice Valett and Jackson R. Webster and Clay Porter Arango and Jake J. Beaulieu and Melody J. Bernot and Amy Burgin and Chelsea L. Crenshaw and Ashley M. Helton and Laura Beth Mills Jeb Stuart Rosebrook Toni Dianne Wiggs Johnson and Barbara R. Niederlehner and Jody D. Potter and Richard W. Sheibley and Suzanne M. Thomasn},
We measured denitrification rates using a field 15N–NO 3 tracer-addition approach in a large, cross-site study of nitrate uptake in reference, agricultural, and suburban–urban streams. We measured denitrification rates in 49 of 72 streams studied. Uptake length due to denitrification (SWden) ranged from 89 m to 184 km (median of 9050 m) and there were no significant differences among regions or land-use categories, likely because of the wide range of conditions within each region and land use… CONTINUE READING