Nitrate poisoning in cattle fed Chenopodium album hay.


Three cows fed Chenopodium album hay died 30 min after showing ataxia, bluish-brown mucous membranes, rapid and difficult breathing, increased heart rates, tremors and coma. Brown-colored and badly coagulated blood was the prominent necropsy finding. Slight pulmonary edema was prominent and all visceral organs were hyperemic. The hay contained 2,500 ppm… (More)


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@article{Ozmen2003NitratePI, title={Nitrate poisoning in cattle fed Chenopodium album hay.}, author={Ozlem Ozmen and Firdevs Mor and Unsal Ayhan}, journal={Veterinary and human toxicology}, year={2003}, volume={45 2}, pages={83-4} }