Nipah virus edits its P gene at high frequency to express the V and W proteins.

  title={Nipah virus edits its P gene at high frequency to express the V and W proteins.},
  author={Sachin B Kulkarni and Valentina A. Volchkova and Christopher F Basler and P. Palese and Viktor E. Volchkov and Megan L Shaw},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={83 8},
Nipah virus (NiV) is predicted to encode four proteins from its P gene (P, V, W, and C) via mRNA editing and an alternate open reading frame. By use of specific antibodies, the expression of the V, W, and C proteins in NiV-infected cells has now been confirmed. Analysis of the P-gene transcripts shows a ratio of P:V:W mRNA of 1:1:1, but this differs over time, with greater proportions of V and W transcripts observed as the infection progresses. Eighty-two percent of transcripts are edited, with… CONTINUE READING


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