Niobium for Steelmaking

  title={Niobium for Steelmaking},
  author={Z. Patel and K. Khul'ka},

Influence of Niobium Dopant on the Corrosion Resistance of a-C:N and a-C:N:H Coatings

Amorphous carbonitride coatings (a-C:N and a-C:N:H) with dopant of niobium (Nb) were deposited on substrates of JIS SKH51 high speed steel (HSS) by a four-target close-field unbalance magnetron

Environmental Sustainability of Niobium Recycling: The Case of the Automotive Industry

The recycling of scrap is one of the common approaches aiming at reduction of mining-based production of critical metals and mitigation of their supply risk as well as processing-related

Structural Evolution, Vibrational Signatures and Energetics of Niobium Clusters from Nb 2 to Nb 20

A comprehensive review on geometric and electronic structures, spectroscopic and energetic properties of small niobium clusters in the range from two to twenty atoms, Nbn, n = 2–20, in three

Thermomechanical processing of 34CrNiMo6 steel for large scale forging

This work simulated the thermo-mechanical processing of large-scale forging product made of 34CrNiMo6 steel to evaluate the effect of different processing condition parameters and cooling rates on

A fluorescence 'turn-on' chemodosimeter for selective detection of Nb5+ ions in mixed aqueous media.

Based on the mechanism of hydrolytic cleavage of Schiff bases, a 1-aminopyrene based fluorescent chemodosimeter shows a selective fluorogenic 'turn-on' response toward Nb(5+) ions in mixed aqueous media.