Niobium for Steelmaking

  title={Niobium for Steelmaking},
  author={Z. Patel and K. Khul'ka},
Environmental Sustainability of Niobium Recycling: The Case of the Automotive Industry
The recycling of scrap is one of the common approaches aiming at reduction of mining-based production of critical metals and mitigation of their supply risk as well as processing-relatedExpand
Influence of Niobium Dopant on the Corrosion Resistance of a-C:N and a-C:N:H Coatings
Amorphous carbonitride coatings (a-C:N and a-C:N:H) with dopant of niobium (Nb) were deposited on substrates of JIS SKH51 high speed steel (HSS) by a four-target close-field unbalance magnetronExpand
Structural Evolution, Vibrational Signatures and Energetics of Niobium Clusters from Nb 2 to Nb 20
A comprehensive review on geometric and electronic structures, spectroscopic and energetic properties of small niobium clusters in the range from two to twenty atoms, Nbn, n = 2–20, in threeExpand
Carbonatite-hosted niobium deposit at Aley, northern British Columbia (Canada): Mineralogy, geochemistry and petrogenesis
Abstract The Aley Nb deposit in northern British Columbia, Canada, is hosted by metamorphosed calcite and dolomite carbonatites of anorogenic affinity emplaced in Lower Paleozoic sedimentaryExpand
Thermomechanical processing of 34CrNiMo6 steel for large scale forging
This work simulated the thermo-mechanical processing of large-scale forging product made of 34CrNiMo6 steel to evaluate the effect of different processing condition parameters and cooling rates onExpand
A fluorescence 'turn-on' chemodosimeter for selective detection of Nb5+ ions in mixed aqueous media.
Based on the mechanism of hydrolytic cleavage of Schiff bases, a 1-aminopyrene based fluorescent chemodosimeter shows a selective fluorogenic 'turn-on' response toward Nb(5+) ions in mixed aqueous media. Expand
Complex Ferroalloys and Other Master Alloys
Abstract This chapter deals with ferroalloys as well as several alloying elements (complex ferroalloys) that are normally used as efficient steel and alloy deoxidizers. Some other minor ferroalloysExpand
Detailed surface analyses and improved mechanical and tribological properties of niobium treated by high temperature nitrogen plasma based ion implantation
Abstract Transition metal nitrides, as is the case of NbN, exhibit an attractive mixture of physical, chemical and mechanical properties and can be used to overcome a severe constraint of pureExpand