Nimble and Courageous Acts: How Michael Became the Boss of Himself

  title={Nimble and Courageous Acts: How Michael Became the Boss of Himself},
  author={Julie Tilsen and Sally V. Russell and Michael. and David Nylund},
  journal={Journal of Systemic Therapies},
Abstract Collaboration, re-storying, privileging insider knowledges, deconstruction, and not-knowing are among the foundational practices of narrative therapy. In this paper, a narrative therapist collaborates with her past clients to retell the story of a 9-year old's resistance to what is called Asperger's Disorder in the psychiatric world. First, the story is told from the mother's perspective. Next, the Asperger's diagnosis is deconstructed and traditional courses of treatment are… 
Reading Harry Potter: Popular Culture, Queer Theory and The Fashioning of Youth Identity
Popular culture provides materials out of which people create their identities. Since it plays such a prominent role in current society, particularly with youth, it is crucial for clinicians to
Community Family Therapy and Narrative Approaches to Working with Parents Struggling with Their Mental Health: A Review of the Literature
This paper focuses on family therapy and support for parents experiencing mental health struggles, with an emphasis both on supporting parents individually to increase their well-being and on
Marriage and Family Therapists’ Ability to Diagnose Asperger’s Syndrome: A Vignette Study
It was found that the ability to correctly diagnose Asperger’s Syndrome did not vary based on the participants: gender, years of clinical experience, or specialized clinical population (e.g., individuals, couples, families, children).
We Don't Need No Education
Abstract Parent education has existed in some form in this country since the early nineteenth century and is considered a typical task of family therapy. Based on modernist notions of a universal
Looking Back on Our Vision: Evolving Systemic Therapies
In their farewell, the editorial crew highlights the themes they found that indicated a continuation of established traditions then follow with the themes that emerged during their tenure, reflecting on what they have learned about the process of the creation of knowledge from their experience as editors.
Systemic psychotherapy with families where someone has an autism spectrum condition
  • S. Helps
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • 2016
A review of the literature regarding the practice of systemic psychotherapy with families in which a child has an autism spectrum condition suggests that systemic interventions have the potential to influence changes at multiple levels of functioning for the child and the family.
Developing an Independent Reading Program within the Framework of a Biblical Worldview
Students today, especially middle and high school students, are reading less for pleasure than they used to. Research studies have proven that reading helps students grow academically and encourages
Autism and Systemic Family Therapy


Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends
White and Epston base their therapy on the assumption that people experience problems when the stories of their lives, as they or others have invented them, do not sufficiently represent their lived
Therapy as Social Construction
Perhaps the most useful way to enter into the conversation about discursive therapies is to address what I see as a central issue that we must confront as spokespersons of therapy as social
Supporting Students with Asperger's Syndrome in General Education
This scenario, heartbreaking to families and teachers who care, is a familiar one for people with Asperger’s syndrome. Identified by Austrian Hans Asperger in 1944, but only recently gaining
If Problems Talked: Narrative Therapy in Action
Part I: If Problems Talked. This Is Not Kansas. If Problems Talked. Finding the Enemy and It's Not Us. I Knew Who I Was When I Woke Up This Morning. Things Are Closer Than They Seem. Part II. Clients
Playful Approaches to Serious Problems: Narrative Therapy with Children and their Families
This book describes a basic theory of collaborative narrative play, as well as verbal and nonverbal techniques that clear the way for stories of hope, possibility, and change. Compelling case
Asperger ' s Syndrome Guidelines for Treatment and Intervention
The present text is an attempt to summarize a series of concrete proposals for treatment and intervention, with a view to provide parents and care providers with specific suggestions that may be helpful in devising educational and treatment programs for children and adolescents affected by this severe form of social learning disability.
An Update on Neurocognitive Profiles in Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism
The cognitive and neurocognitive profile underlying deficits characteristic of autism spectrum disorders, and implications of neuropsychological profiles for the cognitive deficits and clinical presentation of AS are reviewed.
The client is the expert: A not-knowing approach to therapy.