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Nile water and agriculture: past present and future

  title={Nile water and agriculture: past present and future},
  author={Karen Conniff and David J. Molden and Donald G. Peden and Seleshi Bekele Awulachew},
In Awulachew, Seleshi Bekele; Smakhtin, Vladimir; Molden, David; Peden D. (Eds.). The Nile River Basin: water, agriculture, governance and livelihoods. Abingdon, UK: Routledge - Earthscan 
From Aswan to Stiegler’s Gorge : small stories about large dams
Dams, irrigation systems and hydropolitics are back on the geopolitical agenda. In recent years, we have seen an accelerating interest in large-scale water infrastructures, such as multipurpose damExpand
Water Resources in Egypt
From the late Eocene up to the late Middle Pleistocene, Egypt was a wet country due to the rainfall and rivers running through it. Out of the 1660 BCM/y of water that falls within the Nile basin,Expand
Scarcity of water or scarcity of management?
ABSTRACT This article investigates the relation between water scarcity and water management. There are many different perceptions of water scarcity, which can include the conditions of aridExpand
Water, Energy, and Food in the Arab Region: Challenges and Opportunities, with Special Emphasis on Renewable Energy in Food Production
The Arab Region has the world’s greatest deficit of water and arable land. These shortages are being exacerbated by climate change, land degradation, growth in population, urbanization, and incomes.Expand
Notes on distribution of Simulium damnosum s. l. along Atbara River in Galabat sub-focus, eastern Sudan
This study has shown a link between the construction of the dam complex and a reduction in the breeding sites of black fly vectors, which has limited the Galabat sub-focus to a small area at the upper Atbara River which become the end of the focus. Expand