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Nile Basin Focal Project. Synthesis report

  title={Nile Basin Focal Project. Synthesis report},
  author={D. Molden and S. B. Awulachew and K. Conniff and L. Rebelo and Y. Mohamed and D. Peden and J. Kinyangi and P. Breugel and Aditi Mukherji and A. Casc{\~a}o and A. Notenbaert and S. Demise and Neguid and G. E. Naggar},
The Nile River Basin
The Nile River basin is one of the transboundary river basins that is in the forefront of water resource challenges of the century. As the basin’s population is growing, water demand is increasing.Expand
Monotonic Bargaining Solution for Allocating Critically Scarce Transboundary Water
As much as transboundary river basins can be niches for regional cooperation, they could also be causes for interstate water disputes. The risk of water conflict in these river basins is much higherExpand
Promoting improved rainwater and landmanagement in the Blue Nile (Abay) basinof Ethiopia.
Report prepared for the Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) Nile Basin Development Challenge Project 1
The Nile Basin: tapping the unmet agricultural potential of Nile waters
This paper provides an overview of poverty levels, hydrology, agricultural production systems and water productivity in the Nile Basin. There are opportunities to manage water better in the basin forExpand
Assessment of Surface Irrigation Potential of the Dhidhessa River Basin, Ethiopia
Assessing available water resources and their potential for irrigation water use is vital for sustainable agricultural development and planning. This is particularly of interest in developingExpand
Mapping Ecological Production and Benefits from Water Consumed in Agricultural and Natural Landscapes: A Case Study of the Pangani Basin
This study presents an innovative method to quantify the spatial variability of biomass production, crop yield, and economic water productivity, in a data scarce landscape of the Pangani Basin, and for the first time, gross return from carbon credits and other ecosystem services are considered in the concept of Economic Water Productivity. Expand
Allocating Water under Bankruptcy Scenario
Most of the transboundary river basins are contested due to the overlapping water demands of their riparian countries. Hence, these border crossing river basins are under immense pressure from theExpand
Water Allocation in Transboundary River Basins under Water Scarcity: a Cooperative Bargaining Approach
Transboundary river basins are one of the main sources of fresh water which are facing water scarcity. When transboundary water is contested not only the allocation outcomes matter but also theExpand
Water bankruptcy in the mighty Nile river basin
AbstractWater is crucial for sustaining life and development. The Nile river basin is one of the river basins supporting human life since the earliest days of human civilization. Currently, withExpand
Post Aswan High Dam flash floods in Egypt : Causes, consequences and mitigation strategies
Flash floods become one of the most recent common forms of natural disaster in recent-day Egypt. These floods are made up of sudden, unexpected and heavy rains or a strong surge of water, whichExpand