Nikolaos Sophianos's Totius Graeciae Descriptio: The Resources, Diffusion and Function of a Sixteenth‐Century Antiquarian Map of Greece

  title={Nikolaos Sophianos's Totius Graeciae Descriptio: The Resources, Diffusion and Function of a Sixteenth‐Century Antiquarian Map of Greece},
  author={George Tolias},
  journal={Imago Mundi},
  pages={150 - 182}
Nikolaos Sophianos's Totius Graeciae Descriptio, an early regional map of Greece, was a cartographical bestseller of the late sixteenth century. The first editions of the map (1540, 1544, 1545) were hitherto believed to be lost, and contemporary references are few. Such references as could be found were collected and published by Émile Legrand in 1885, and his data, enhanced by information derived from later reissues of the map (1552 and 1601), provided the foundation for recent bibliographical… Expand
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A Catalogue of Printed Maps of Greece
  • 1992
LOCATIONS: Athens, National Library, bound in Sathas 982 (missing); Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division, G 2000 1545 G45 Vault (five of the eight sheets)
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Histoire de la littérature grecque profane
  • 2004