Nietzsche's Mirror: The World as Will to Power (review)

  title={Nietzsche's Mirror: The World as Will to Power (review)},
  author={Tom Leddy},
  journal={The Journal of Nietzsche Studies},
  pages={66 - 68}
  • T. Leddy
  • Published 14 June 2006
  • Art, Psychology
  • The Journal of Nietzsche Studies
lier book Martin Heidegger: Between Good and Evil; nor is it as philosophically interesting and rigorous as Safranski’s Schopenhauer and the Wild Years of Philosophy. Still, it gives us a compelling picture of Nietzsche as the ethical self-fashioner—the individual “standing all alone at the shore in front of an immense horizon of sky and sea.” As Safranski depicts him, “Nietzsche was the monk at sea. He always had immensity in view and was always prepared to let thinking be submerged in the…