Niels Bohr as philosopher of experiment: Does decoherence theory challenge Bohr's doctrine of classical concepts?

  title={Niels Bohr as philosopher of experiment: Does decoherence theory challenge Bohr's doctrine of classical concepts?},
  author={Kristian Camilleri and M. Schlosshauer},
  journal={Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics},
  • Kristian Camilleri, M. Schlosshauer
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics
  • Abstract Niels Bohr׳s doctrine of the primacy of “classical concepts” is arguably his most criticized and misunderstood view. We present a new, careful historical analysis that makes clear that Bohr׳s doctrine was primarily an epistemological thesis, derived from his understanding of the functional role of experiment. A hitherto largely overlooked disagreement between Bohr and Heisenberg about the movability of the “cut” between measuring apparatus and observed quantum system supports the view… CONTINUE READING
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