Nicotine transport in lung and non-lung epithelial cells.


AIMS Nicotine is rapidly absorbed from the lung alveoli into systemic circulation during cigarette smoking. However, mechanism underlying nicotine transport in alveolar epithelial cells is not well understood to date. In the present study, we characterized nicotine uptake in lung epithelial cell lines A549 and NCI-H441 and in non-lung epithelial cell lines… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.lfs.2017.08.030


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@article{Takano2017NicotineTI, title={Nicotine transport in lung and non-lung epithelial cells.}, author={Mikihisa Takano and Hidetaka Kamei and Machi Nagahiro and Masashi Kawami and Ryoko Yumoto}, journal={Life sciences}, year={2017}, volume={188}, pages={76-82} }