Nicotine, lung and cancer.

  title={Nicotine, lung and cancer.},
  author={Alessia Grozio and Alessia Catassi and Zita Cavalieri and Laura Paleari and Alfredo Cesario and Patrizia Russo},
  journal={Anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry},
  volume={7 4},
The respiratory epithelium expresses the cholinergic system including nicotinic receptors (nAChRs). It was reported that normal human bronchial epithelial cells (BEC), which are the precursor for squamous cell carcinomas, and small airway epithelial cells (SAEC), which are the precursor for adenocarcinomas, have slightly different repertoires of nAChRs. Studies shown that nAChRs expressed on lung carcinoma or mesothelioma form a part of an autocrine-proliferative network facilitating the growth… CONTINUE READING