Nickel oxide crystalline nano flakes: synthesis, characterization and their use as anode in lithium-ion batteries

  title={Nickel oxide crystalline nano flakes: synthesis, characterization and their use as anode in lithium-ion batteries},
  author={Majid Ahmadi and Reza Younesi and Tejs Vegge and Maxime J.-F. Guinel},
Nickel oxide crystalline nano flakes (NONFs)—only about 10 nm wide—were produced using a simple and inexpensive chemistry method followed by a short annealing in ambient air. In a first step, Ni(OH)2 sheets were synthesized by adding sodium hydroxide (NaOH) drop-wise in a Ni(NO3)2 aqueous solution that was then sonicated for up to 60 min, washed and vigorously stirred overnight in deionized water. In a second step, the products of this reaction were annealed in ambient air in the temperature… 
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