Nickel deficiency and nickel-rhodium interaction in chicks.

  title={Nickel deficiency and nickel-rhodium interaction in chicks.},
  author={Forrest Harold Nielsen and D. R. Myron and S H Givand and D A Ollerich},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={105 12},
Nickel deficiency was produced in chicks under near optimal growth conditions. This judgment is based on the finding that chicks fed the experimental diet supplemented with nickel had a very satisfactory growth rate, over 600 g in 4 weeks. To induce nickel deficiency, chicks were raised in plastic cages located inside plastic isolators and were fed diets (containing 2-15 ng of nickel/g) based on dried skim milk, acid-washed ground corn, EDTA-extracted soy protein, and corn oil. In 2 experiments… CONTINUE READING


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