Nichtkommutative Algebra

  title={Nichtkommutative Algebra},
  author={Emmy Noether},
  journal={Mathematische Zeitschrift},

Hilbert's basis theorem and simplicity for non-associative skew Laurent polynomial rings and related rings

. We introduce non-associative skew Laurent polynomial rings over unital, non-associative rings and prove simplicity results for these. We also gen- eralize an already existing Hilbert’s basis

Germ\'an Ancochea's work on projectivities, harmonicity preservers and semi-homomorphisms

Our main aim is to analyse three articles of German Ancochea (published 1941, 1942 and 1947) and to describe their impact in algebra and geometry.

Algorithmic construction of representations of finite solvable groups

The dominant theme of this thesis is the construction of matrix representations of finite solvable groups using a suitable system of generators. For a finite solvable group $G$ of order $N =

Trace Invariants of Finite-Dimensional Algebras

With every finite-dimensional algebra A over any field k we associate an 8-tuple of linear or bilinear forms on A, all of which are defined in terms of traces. For every groupoid 𝒞 formed by a class

On the structure of crossed products of groups and simple rings

Let K ∗G be a crossed product of the group G over the ring K with a factor set ρ : G × G → U(K) and a map σ : G → Aut K, and let Gker = {g ∈ G | gσ is inner} be the kernel of σ. If for some central


Contents Introduction Chapter I. Group actions § 1. Galois theory § 2. Rings of invariants § 3. Identities in automorphisms Chapter II. Lie algebra actions § 4. The structure of Der R § 5.

Block Idempotents and Normal p-Subgroups

In the theory of modular representations of a finite group G in an algebraically closed field Ω of characteristic p, Brauer has proved a useful reduction theorem for blocks [2, §§11, 12], [5,