Nicholas Culpeper's physick for rheumatics

  title={Nicholas Culpeper's physick for rheumatics},
  author={W. Watson Buchanan},
  journal={Clinical Rheumatology},
"With us ther was a Doctour of Phisyk, In al this world ne was ther noon him lyk To speke of phisik and of surgerye; For he was grounded in astronomye. He kepte his pacient a ful greet del In houres, by his magik naturel. Wel coude he fortunen the ascendent Of his images for his pacient. He knew the cause of everich maladye, Were it of hoot or cold, or moiste, or drye, And where engendred, and of what humour; He was a verrey parfit practisur! 
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Antiinflammatory and lipoxygenase inhibitory compounds from vitex agnus‐castus
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