Nice-looking obstacles: parkour as urban practice of deterritorialization

  title={Nice-looking obstacles: parkour as urban practice of deterritorialization},
  author={Christoph Brunner},
  journal={AI \& SOCIETY},
  • C. Brunner
  • Published 1 May 2011
  • Sociology
Most academic publications refer to Parkour as a subversive and embodied tactic that challenges hegemonic discourses of discipline and control. Architecture becomes the playful ground where new ways to move take form. These approaches rarely address the material and embodied relations that occur in these practices and remain on the discursive plane of cultural signifiers. A theory of movement between bodies as the founding aspect of Parkour unfolds alternative concepts of body, space, time and… 

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What can the parkour craftsmen tell us about bodily expertise and skilled movement?

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