Nicaragua: Biodiversity on canal route already at risk

  title={Nicaragua: Biodiversity on canal route already at risk},
  author={Jeffrey K. McCrary},
  • J. McCrary
  • Published 3 September 2015
  • Environmental Science
  • Nature

The Nicaragua Canal: potential impact on international shipping and its attendant challenges

The construction of an interoceanic canal in Nicaragua, a longstanding controversy, has once again become a source of concern in recent years, in both the global shipping industry and the world at

Circle the bandwagons – challenges mount against the theoretical foundations of applied functional trait and ecosystem service research

RAPHAEL K. DIDHAM, SIMON R. LEATHER and YVES BASSET School of Animal Biology, The University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA, Australia, CSIRO Land and Water, Centre for Environment and Life

Environmental pollution and shipping feasibility of the Nicaragua Canal.



The Impact of Commercial Exploitation on Sawfish and Shark Populations in Lake Nicaragua

Abstract The Lake Nicaragua Rio San Juan System harbors two classical examples of freshwater adaptation by elasmobranchs, the bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas, and the largetooth sawfish, Pristis

Conservation: Nicaragua Canal could wreak environmental ruin.

The HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Company (operating as HKND Group) signed a 50-year lease, renewable for another 50 years, to build a canal connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, through the Caribbean Sea.