NiCo2 S4 Materials for Supercapacitor Applications.


Cobalt-nickel sulfide (NiCo2 S4 ) shows extensive potential for innovative photoelectronic and energetic materials owing to distinctive physical and chemical properties. In this review, representative strategies for the fabrication and application of NiCo2 S4 and composite nanostructures are outlined for supercapacitors, with the aim of promoting the development of NiCo2 S4 and their composites in the supercapacitor field through an analysis and comparison of diverse nanostructures. A brief introduction into the structures, properties, and morphologies are presented. Further prospects and promising developments of the materials in the supercapacitor field are also proposed.

DOI: 10.1002/asia.201700461

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@article{Gao2017NiCo2SM, title={NiCo2 S4 Materials for Supercapacitor Applications.}, author={Yong-ping Gao and Ke-Jing Huang}, journal={Chemistry, an Asian journal}, year={2017}, volume={12 16}, pages={1969-1984} }