Ni-Catalyzed Arylbenzylation of Alkenylarenes. Kinetic Studies Reveal Autocatalysis by ZnX2.

  title={Ni-Catalyzed Arylbenzylation of Alkenylarenes. Kinetic Studies Reveal Autocatalysis by ZnX2.},
  author={Roshan K. Dhungana and Rishi R Sapkota and Laura M. Wickham and Doleshwar Niroula and Bijay Shrestha and Ramesh Giri},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
We report a Ni-catalyzed regioselective arylbenzylation of alkenylarenes with benzyl halides and arylzinc reagents. The reaction furnishes differently substituted 1,1,3-triarylpropyl structures that are reminiscent of the cores of oligoresveratrol natural products. The reaction is also compatible for the coupling of internal alkenes, secondary benzyl halides and variously substituted arylzinc reagents. Kinetic studies reveal that the reaction proceeds with a rate-limiting single electron… 
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