Ni-13. Resolving the Challenges of Peritumoral Edema in Tracing Arcuate Fasciculus for Surgical Planning Using Two-tensor Unscented Kalman Filter Tractography


NI-13. RESOLVING THE CHALLENGES OF PERITUMORAL EDEMA IN TRACING ARCUATE FASCICULUS FOR SURGICAL PLANNING USING TWO-TENSOR UNSCENTED KALMAN FILTER TRACTOGRAPHY Zhenrui Chen1,4, Yanmei Tie1, Lauren O’Donnell1,2, Laura Rigolo1, Alireza Mehrtash1,2, Olutayo Olubiyi1, Isaiah Norton1, Ofer Pasternak3, Yogesh Rathi3, and Alexandra Golby1,2; Department of… (More)


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