Nhanced G Ain and B Andwidth of P Atch a Ntenna U Sing Ebg S Ubstrates


Microstrip patch antenna becomes very popular day by day because of its ease of analysis and fabrication, low cost, light weight, easy to feed and their attractive radiation characteristics. Although patch antenna has numerous advantages, it has also some drawbacks such as restricted bandwidth, low gain and a potential decrease in radiation pattern. In recent years, attention to use Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) substrates to overcome the limitations of patch antenna. In this paper, we propose a rectangular microstrip patch antenna with EBG substrates and compare the performance of the proposed antenna with a conventional patch antenna in the same physical dimension. Due to the presence of the EBG structure in the dielectric substrates, the electromagnetic band gap is created that reduces the surface waves considerably. As a result, the performance of the proposed antenna is better comparing the conventional existing microstrip patch antenna.

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