Next-Generation Techniques for Discovering Human Monoclonal Antibodies


Monoclonal antibodies have found wide applications in the treatment of cancer, as well as of autoimmune, infectious, and other diseases. Several dozen new antibodies are currently undergoing different stages of clinical trials, and some of them will soon be added to the list of immunotherapeutic drugs. Most of these antibodies have been generated using… (More)
DOI: 10.1134/S0026893317060103


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@article{Lushova2017NextGenerationTF, title={Next-Generation Techniques for Discovering Human Monoclonal Antibodies}, author={A. A. Lushova and M. G. Biazrova and Alexei G. Prilipov and Galina K. Sadykova and T. A. Kopylov and A. V. Filatov}, journal={Molecular Biology}, year={2017}, volume={51}, pages={782-787} }