Next-Generation Delta-Sigma Converters: Trends and Perspectives

  title={Next-Generation Delta-Sigma Converters: Trends and Perspectives},
  author={Jose M. de la Rosa and Richard Schreier and Kong-Pang Pun and Shanthi Pavan},
  journal={IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems},
This paper presents an overview of emerging circuits and systems techniques which are at the forefront of the state of the art in ΔΣ modulators, pushing their performance forward and giving rise to new generations of data converters. Among others, those strategies involving the development of new applications and paradigms-like RF/GHz-range ΔΣ digitisation, digital-assisted embedded loop filters, time-to-digital conversion and hybrid ΔΣ/Nyquist-rate architectures-are discussed, as well as the… CONTINUE READING
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