Newton and the fudge factor.

  title={Newton and the fudge factor.},
  author={R. Shane Westfall},
  volume={179 4075},
Weinstock, Robert Newton’s Principia and inverse-square orbits in a resisting medium: A spiral of twisted
  • Mathematics
  • 2022
Not everything that mathematicians write is correct, not every argument is logical: there have been several well-known recent instances concerning Riemann and Fermat: Homer nods. Therefore we expect
Studying the echo in the early modern period: between the academy and the natural world
ABSTRACT This article investigates the process by which the echo became one of the most prominent objects of study in early modern acoustics. Presenting a variety of scholarly work in
Assent, Dissent, and Rhetoric in Science
  • R. A. Harris
  • Philosophy
    Humanistic Aspects of Technical Communication
  • 2020
Socrates, of course, does not mean to venerate the art of discourse here. He is telling Phaedrus that there is discourse and there is truth. Once you have gone out and dug up the truth somewhere
“Newton is Right, Newton is Wrong. No, Newton is Right After All.”
  • Pierre Boulos
  • Education
    Objetivos humanísticos, conteúdos científicos: contribuições da história e da filosofia da Ciência para o ensino de Ciências
  • 2019
Fraud in Science and Parapsychology
  • Psychology
  • 2019
Parapsychology is portrayed in mainstream academic textbooks as characterized by experimenter fraud, with the implication that many positive outcomes can be accounted for in terms of malpractice. For
Where Goes Wrong with the Isaac Newton ’ s Gravitational ‘ Moon Test ’ ?
아이쟉 뉴턴의 만유인력법칙은 물체간의 끌어당기는 힘이 그 질량의 곱에 비례하고 상호거리의 제 곱에 반비례된다는 것이다. 그는 이와 같은 자신의 이론을 1687년 초판 발행한 에서 만 유인력의 ‘달 시험’을 통해 실증했다. 여기서 뉴턴은 클라우스 호이겐스 등의 달이 지구 중심으로부 터 지구반경의 60배 떨어진 원 궤도를 돈다는 주장과 쟝 피카르가 측정한
Research Misconduct: A Report from a Developing Country
This cross sectional study estimates the rate of research misconduct in the thesis of undergraduate and postgraduate medical students in 2015 with a high estimation of 19% and must be considered in future policy making about observing strictly on researches.
On the velocity of sound in water: theoretical aspects of Colladon’s nine-teenth century experiments
In 1827, Colladon carried out a series of experiments in Lac Leman (Lake Geneva, Switzerland) to measure the speed of sound in water. The purpose of our contribution is to treat this measurement as
Psychology of the Scientist: An Evaluative Review
Although the social processes in scientific inquiry have received extensive analysis, psychologists have devoted relatively little attention to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the individual