News of Difference: Understanding, Highlighting, and Building Exceptions in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

  title={News of Difference: Understanding, Highlighting, and Building Exceptions in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy},
  author={Samira Y. Garcia},
  journal={Journal of Systemic Therapies},
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The Comparison Effect of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy and Solution- Focused Therapy on Sexual Satisfaction in Women Affected by Marital Infidelity

Introduction: Infidelity is a painful and complicated experience for a betrayed spouse. The purpose of this study was to the comparison of the effectiveness of emotionally focused couple therapy and



Solution-Building, the Foundation of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: A Qualitative Delphi Study

ABSTRACT The term solution-building has been used in numerous solution-focused brief therapy books and peer reviewed journal articles with differing definitions and descriptions for what this term

Inbetween - neither inside nor outside: The radical simplicity of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

In this paper we attempt to set out some crucial ways in which we see the practice of solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) as differing from other forms of therapy, both in what solution-focused

Constructing a Conversational “Miracle”: Examining the “Miracle Question” as It Is Used in Therapeutic Dialogue

Solution-focused counselors use the “miracle question” to elicit problem-free client accounts of experience consistent with the clients’ goals for therapy. In this article, we micro-analyzed how

The Origin of the Solution-Focused Approach

The solution-focused approach to therapy and coaching has its roots in the work done by therapists in the second half of the twentieth century. This article discusses some important precursors, such


Brief therapy has often been regarded as “problem solving therapy.” This article discusses the development of a solution-focused approach to clinical practice. Solution-focused therapeutic tasks and

The phenomenology of exception times: Qualitative differences between problem‐focussed and solution‐focussed interventions

Solution-focussed brief therapy (SFBT) is a prominent psychotherapeutic approach that deals with a positive focus and promises brief interventions. In two experiments, a solution-focussed technique

Opportunities: Organizing the Solution-Focused Interview

In solution-focused brief therapy, the client is considered the expert in identifying his or her hopes and goals. The interviewer's role is to facilitate the articulation of hopes and the building of

“Are You a LeBron Today?” Playfully Expanding Scaling Questions

This paper guides the reader through the development and implementation of original, playful solution-focused scaling questions when working with adolescents. A case example, building on an

Hope and Expectancy in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

The common factors approach has been heavily discussed in recent years in psychotherapy, being explored in a variety of different ways. It is commonly accepted that hope and expectancy factors

Becoming Solution-Focused Forced in Brief Therapy: Remembering Something Important We Already Knew

The major rules of solution-forced therapy are presented and clinical case examples which highlight this model are provided and are hoped to encourage clinicians to refine their knowledge and hopefully avoid errors.