News Diffusion: An Overview

  title={News Diffusion: An Overview},
  author={Karl Erik Rosengren},
  journal={Journalism \& Mass Communication Quarterly},
  pages={83 - 91}
  • K. Rosengren
  • Published 1 March 1973
  • Sociology
  • Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
Systematic analysis of reported news diffusion studies shows relationships between importance, rate and amount of diffusion, and role played by media and personal communication. 

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Sadat’s Death: a study of news diffusion in a Malaysian community

New diffusion has strong implications for media policy and planning about how members of a community learn of events around them and what effects media controls may have on the content and extent of this spread.

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News diffusion is a branch of mass communications research dealing with how news is circulated among publics. Two phases of research have occurred in news diffusion research. The first phase began

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The pattern of news diffusion in connection with the murder of Olof Palme, Sweden's Prime Minister, was studied in Swedish surveys carried out among the population and the news media. The diffusion

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It is found that the original stories undergo transformations in terms of content and form over time in the diffusion process, and a new concept, ‘seed news’, is introduced in order to explain this transformative online news diffusion phenomenon.

The Growth and Decline of Research on the Diffusion of the News, 1945-1985

Research on word-of-mouth diffusion of news, presented initially by media, began in 1945. The Kennedy assassination stimulated numerous studies. However, by the 1970s the pace of such research

Why people talk about antismoking media content and the implications for health communication campaigns

University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. June 2012. Major: Mass Communication. Advisor: Brian G. Southwell. 1 comuputer file (PDF); vii, 204 pages, appendices A-B.

News Diffusion After the Assassination of a Neighbour

In this article, data about the diffusion of news in Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Finland following the assassination of Olof Palme are presented. Special attention is given to the relation between

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The diffusion of news tradition in past communication research highlights the key role of word‐of‐mouth interpersonal channels in the spread of information. This article investigates the process


Results of studies of the relation between media consumption and political knowledge are mixed. This study looked at three media consumption variables—reliance, media use, and focused media use—and

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Statement of Purpose The tabloidization of journalism has blurred a distinct line between hard news and tabloid news. Television news magazines have been transforming into "Infotainment" programs and



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Cooperative study of news of Pope Paul VI's March 1967 Encyclical as received in 16 American cities confirms earlier hypotheses of age, education and sex as important variables and adds new

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A NECESSARY component in the systematic development of knowledge dealing with communication is a body of descriptive information concerning various aspects of this dynamic behavior. The literature

The Diffusion of News of LBJ's March 31 Decision

ducing the subject matter is inherent in all forms of writing, the second hypothesis is stated for editorials as well as for news stories. In testing the first hypothesis, the median Reading Ease

Mass media vs. personal sources of information about the presidential assassination: A comparison of six investigations

John Milton said “Where there is much desire to learn, there will of necessity be much arguing, much writing, and many opinions, for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making.” One of the

Regularities in the Diffusion of Two Major News Events

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A Research Note on Mass Communication

  • American Sociological Revkw

Diffusion of News. ary Decision: A Study of News Impact


A National Survey on Public Reactions and Behavior

    these coniepts or variables, Future research in the field will, perhaps, consolidate some of these tentative results

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