Newly recognized Pleistocene human teeth from Tabun Cave, Israel.

  title={Newly recognized Pleistocene human teeth from Tabun Cave, Israel.},
  author={A. Della Coppa and Rainer Gr{\"u}n and Chris Stringer and S. Eggins and Rita Vargiu},
  journal={Journal of human evolution},
  volume={49 3},
Seven human teeth from Tabun Cave, Israel, curated at the Natural History Museum London since 1955, are of uncertain provenance and identity. They are all from the upper dentition, without duplications, and are characterized by a similar preservation. The Catalogue of Fossil Hominids (1975) suggested that they might have derived from Tabun Layer A (Bronze Age to Recent). However, one of us (AC) noted some distinctive features of these teeth that warranted further study. They are here assigned… CONTINUE READING
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