Newly formed downflow lanes in exploding granules in the solar photosphere

  title={Newly formed downflow lanes in exploding granules in the solar photosphere},
  author={Monika Ellwarth and C. E. Fischer and N. Vitas and S. Schmiz and W. Schmidt},
Context. Exploding granules have drawn renewed interest because of their interaction with the magnetic field (either emerging or already present). Especially the newly forming downflow lanes developing in their centre seem to be eligible candidates for the intensification of magnetic fields. We analyse spectroscopic data from two different instruments in order to study the intricate velocity pattern within the newly forming downflow lanes in detail. Aims. We aim to examine general properties of… 

Towards the Identification and Classification of Solar Granulation Structures Using Semantic Segmentation

An appealing potential of the U-net architecture is found to identify cellular patterns in solar granulation images reaching an average accuracy above 80% in the initial training experiments, and this work presents the initial results of a proposed classification model of solar granule structures based on neural semantic segmentation.


Masterthesis: Exploding Granules in the Solar Atmosphere Fischer

  • A&A
  • 2017