Newborn circumcision using the Plastibell device: an audit of practice.

  title={Newborn circumcision using the Plastibell device: an audit of practice.},
  author={Newton D. Duncan and Simone E. Dundas and B. Brown and C Pinnock-Ramsaran and G Badal},
  journal={The West Indian medical journal},
  volume={53 1},
Circumcision of newborn male infants is widely practiced but controversial. Our experience gained circumcising 205 Jamaican neonates, using the Plastibell device is presented. Circumcisions, were requested by parents usually for hygienic reasons, and were brief outpatient procedures. Subcutaneous penile ring block with 1% lidocaine provided the most effective form of procedural analgesia. Bell separation usually occurred within 10 days of the procedure. Cosmetic results met with unanimous… CONTINUE READING

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