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New world, old habits: Patriarchal ideology in Star Wars: A new hope

  title={New world, old habits: Patriarchal ideology in Star Wars: A new hope},
  author={Kathleen Ellis},
  journal={Australian Screen Education Online},
Although Star Wars depicts a new world, it is one permeated with the ideology of an old one. If films are the ‘unconscious instruments of the ideology, which produces them Lucas ‘portrayed a world not dissimilar in its ideology to the world he grew up in’. Therefore, the values we associate with white middle-class California of the 1950s, which include sexism, racism and the promotion of a patriarchal, capitalist culture, are prevalent in Star Wars. Indeed, Lucas admits his desire to return to… 

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Star Wars has influenced generations of American viewers for decades but has gone largely unanalyzed when it comes to a critique of the discourses about masculinity presented in the films. This is

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Abstract The blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) earned over $2 billion dollars at the box-office worldwide and became a cultural phenomenon. Produced by media giant Disney, The

The female fan goes shopping: Satisfaction, involvement and utilitarian value when shopping for women’s Star Wars merchandise

This study explored women’s views on the Star Wars merchandise that is marketed to them when the franchise merchandise as a whole is predominantly marketed to males. The study aimed to look at the