New welding techniques for aerospace engineering

  title={New welding techniques for aerospace engineering},
  author={Richard Freeman},
Abstract: Aircraft have been manufactured for decades using a wide variety of welding and joining techniques. There have been significant developments in techniques over the last 15–20 years, and this has also led to the adoption of even more appropriate and stringent non destructive inspection methods. This chapter will focus on examples of how three different welding and joining technologies (friction stir welding, laser-beam welding and laser direct-metal deposition) were developed by large… 

Investigation and Optimization of Disk-Laser Welding of 1 mm Thick Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Sheets

Ti-6Al-4V joints are employed in nuclear engineering, civil industry, military, and space vehicles. Laser beam welding has been proven to be promising, thanks to increased penetration depth and

Metallurgical and mechanical modelling of Ti-6Al-4V for welding applications

Complex heat treatments and manufacturing processes such as welding involve a wide range of temperatures and temperature rates, affecting the microstructure of the material and its properties. In

Remanufacturing and surface modification in micro-areas by laser beam and microTIG methods

Over the past years, intensive development of welding technologies that enable precise impact on the workpiece has been observed. The laser technology is the most known and commonly used tool for

Keyhole-induced porosity in laser-arc hybrid welded aluminum

Keyhole-induced macro-porosity, which results from the collapse of the keyhole that formed by the reaction forces of metal vapors, is a major problem limiting laser and laser-arc hybrid weldability

Structure and Properties of High-Strength Titanium Alloy Ti-6.5Al-3Mo-2.5V-4Nb-1Cr-1Fe-2.5Zr Welded Joints

As intensive work is underway in leading material science centers in the USA, EU, Russia, and China, both to modernize existing titanium alloys and to create new ones, the E.O. Paton Electric Welding

Investigation of diffusion welding capability of WC ceramic based Ni doped composites

In this study, sample pairs of (WC) Ni / (WC) Ni and WC-Ni / WC-Ni formed from (WC) Ni composites produced from Ni coated WC powders and uncoated WC-Ni / powders were used for diffusion welding.



Friction stir welding of Aluminium ships

Friction stir welding(FSW)is a solid-phase welding operated under the melting point of workpiece materials;it's a technology which uses an anti-friction tool to join the sheet or shaped materials in

Milestone Case Histories in Aircraft Structural Integrity

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